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Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

Apr 12, 2021

Arielle Greenberg joins Tristan Taormino to talk about her latest book, I Live in the Country & Other Dirty Poems (Four Way Books). Arielle gives listeners a taste of her dirty mind as she reads several poems from this wonderful collection. They talk about her move from a big city to a small town in the country, the opening of her marriage, and how that affected her life and relationships. They go over many of the themes of the book: animals and primal instincts, rough sex, queerness, polyamory, motherhood, and reconciling her desire for submission with her feminist beliefs. These poems can be heady, hedonistic, or both—from naughty schoolgirl outfits and on-your-knees BJs to takedowns of slut shaming and heteronormativity. Arielle is the author of five collections of poetry and the creative nonfiction book Locally Made Panties and co-author, with Rachel Zucker, of Home/Birth: A Poemic. She has also co-edited three literary anthologies and her poems and essays have been featured in Best American Poetry, Labor Day: True Birth Stories by Today’s Best Women Writers and The Racial Imaginary, among other anthologies. Thanks to Pour Moi and Calm for their support of this episode.