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Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

Jan 4, 2021

Kaytlin Bailey joins Tristan Taormino to talk about the history of sex work in the U.S—a piece of history that has been undocumented and ignored. She shares stories from her YouTube video “U.S. History from a Whore's Eye View” including the life of black trans sex worker Mary Jones in the 1800s and the connection between World War I, the military, STDs, and policing sex worker bodies. As in her podcast, she profiles a diverse array of people, and we dig into the lives and careers of Valerie Solanas and Cardi B. Kaytlin makes the connection between past and present sex worker experiences, criminalization, and their relationship to societal norms about women. She makes a compelling argument for why we should all care about whorephobia and sex workers.

Kaytlin Bailey is a natural born contrarian and professional provocateur. Stand up comic, writer, sex worker advocate and host of the The Oldest Profession Podcast, she has dedicated her life to telling better sex worker stories. Special thanks for support from Sakara and Calm.